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Our vision and purpose

The Evie Charitable Association, trading as No Matter What, exists to improve the quality of life for children and young people living with and dying of cancer.

We aim to educate, inspire, motivate and encourage you to support children, young people and families going through the traumatic experience of cancer.


We will work collaboratively to improve children and young people's experience of living with and dying of cancer by raising awareness of their needs, creating access to services and engendering a sense of hope and resiliance in the people who support them.

Our immediate goal for 2014 is to help children and young people with cancer participate fully in education and recreation activities. This will be achieved by working closely with the Princess Margaret Hospital School Services to

  • design and deliver a fun and stimulating School Holiday Program on the children's oncology ward to address the 'working memory' issues associated with cancer treatment

  • help meet other identified educational needs for children and young people on the oncology ward.  

Our future goals are to support children, young people and their families by 
  • increasing emotional support for children and young people living with and surviving cancer

  • identifying gaps in service provision and by working in partnership with other organisations for an increase in community services for children and young people affected by cancer and their families.


The Evie Charitable Association was established in memory of Evie Rogers-Elgar who died of cancer aged 11.

Evie was an extraordinary child. During her cancer journey, she underwent over 28 surgeries, including a hip disarticulation i.e. the removal of her entire left leg from the hip, missed over two years of school, endured weeks at a time in hospital missing out on birthdays, concerts, holidays, family events and time with her friends. She had to learn to walk again using her crutches, deal with people's reactions to her appearance and come to terms with having a disability.

Despite this, she never saw herself as disabled or different and was determined to enjoy her life, displaying resilience, an amazing sense of humour, optimism and joy in whatever was going on around her. She was beautiful, funny, loud, feisty, intelligent, enthusiastic, friendly and cheerful. She knew who she was, knew she was loved and her 'default' position was happy.

Evie's characteristics and personality were inspiring to everyone who knew her and how she embraced her life is what motivates us to continue to honour her memory.



  • Optimism: We look to the future and believe it is important to face challenges with strength and hope. We are pragmatic and able to find solutions to problems and believe it is possible to change the world.

  • Courage: We are resilient and believe that everyone is brave. We know that everyone has their moments of fear, sadness and anger and that these are all part of being courageous in the face of adversity.

  • Collaboration: We know our energy and commitment are a small part of what is needed to put our ideas into action. We believe in working collaboratively with our partners, listening to their ideas and focusing on what we can achieve together.

  • Integrity: We are people who do what we say we'll do and strive to demonstrate that in all our actions.

  • Diversity: We believe in treating everyone with respect and value the richness of our communities. We expect our partners and supporters to consider the varied needs of people and to be inclusive.