Cancer Sucks

The 'Cancer Sucks 'campaign aims to raise awareness of what it feels like to be living with cancer as a child or teenager.

Many kids and teenagers who are living with cancer have a positive attitude and just seem to get on with their lives.  But if you take the time to ask them what it’s really like having cancer, they usually agree that ‘Cancer Sucks’.
Most have to endure days, weeks and sometimes months in hospital.  They miss out on school, being with their friends, going to parties and concerts, enjoying family times like birthdays and festivities like Australia Day, Easter and Christmas. They also have to endure painful operations, treatments that make them feel sick all the time, and often losing their hair.  Some even lose their eyesight, hearing and limbs.
Thinking positive is really important.  And sometimes we all want to get mad at cancer.  Our campaign is aimed at raising awareness of cancer and what it feels like to be living with it when you’re a kid or teenager.

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