No Matter What working with The Starlight Foundation and Princess Margaret Hospital School Services

We have been working with the Hospital School Services to incease the teaching hours available for the Primary School on the Onoclogy Ward. This has now been accomplished and teaching in the primary school on the oncology ward is now extended.
The Primary School on Ward 3B (the oncology ward at Princess Margaret Hospital) now offers a specific 'Working Memory' program. This lengthens the school day to include afternoon teaching time.

Most children who undergo intensive cancer treatment are unable to attend their 'home' school, (meaning the school in the community they usually attend). This means that children can often fall far behind in terms of their learning and educational needs.

In addition, chemotherapy has an impact on children's ability to concentrate, remember and learn. They will often find it hard to retain information, follow instructions and comprehend details.

'Working Memory'  specific teaching provides support and help for children to improve their recall, follow instructions and remain on task. It is a specialised teaching method delivered through specific, directed activities.

No Matter What, in collaboration with the Starlight Foundation and with full consultation and the support of the Hospital School Services, has developed a Holiday School Program to be piloted in the Autumn school holidays 2013, starting Monday 29th April 2013. Children and young people with cancer have to undergo treatment whenever it is necessary. For some, this may mean they are in hospital for term time as well as school holidays. The Holiday School Program will not only provide stimulation for those in hospital over the school holidays, but will meet their educational needs helping them to catch up on the regular schooling they have missed.