Alison Elgar, on the Board of No Matter What, invited to join ANZCHOG National Patient and Carer Advisory Group

Alison Elgar, has been invited to sit on the ANZCHOG National Patient and Carer Advisory Group. ANZCHOG is a not-for-profit organisation and is the Australian and New Zealand peak body for health professionals in the field of childhood and adolescent blood diseases and cancer. The aim is to provide patients and their families, the highest quality care available, with a view to optimal outcomes, both in terms of survivorship and quality of life.

The National Patient and Carer Advisory Group has been set up to work with special interest groups and collaborative research networks to provide input into the design, development and implementation of clinical research studies. Alison Elgar has been asked to join the group due to her relevant experience of having been a carer of a child with childhood cancer and is well placed to advise researchers on many aspects of their work.

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