Further Reading

During treatment:


For bereaved parents:

  • The Bereaved Parent, Harriet Sarnoff Schiff (Penguin Books)

  • After The Death of a Child: Living with loss through the years, Ann.K. Finkbeiner (The John Hopkins University Press)

  • When The Bough Breaks: Forever after the death of a son or daughter, Judith R. Bernstein, Ph.D. (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

  • Beyond Tears: Living after losing a child, Carol Barkin, Audrey Cohen, et al. (St. Martin's Griffin)

  • The Andrew Poems by Shelly Wagner. This a beautiful book of poems written by Shelly Wagner after the death of her young son.

Borrowing or Buying books

Open Leaves is a website selling very good books about grief and loss, childhood illnesses including cancer, bereavement that includes information for parents, siblings and friends. Although we can’t recommend any particular book, the site might be useful if you are interested in reading about other people’s experiences and what has helped them navigate their way after the loss of a loved one. Visit: www.openleaves.com

For book borrowing please visit www.redkite.org.au

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement have a very good section on books and DVD's you can buy. 
Visit www.grief.org.au